Local authorities against TTIP in Europe

In many European countries, local authorities are declaring their worries or refusals of the free trade agreements currently negotiated by the European Union (TTIP, CETA, TiSA) which are paving the way for far-reaching liberalisation. Those treaties will jeopardise democratic principles by substantially reducing political space and restricting the scope for public choices via the implementation of the investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) or investment court system (ICS) and Regulatory Cooperation.
In order to respond those unprecedented risks in terms of social, economic, environmental and democratic rights, more than a thousand of local authorities in the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Ireland and Germany took motions declaring themselves as TTIP/CETA/TiSA-free zones (or TTIP/CETA/TiSA-concerned zones). Millions of European citizens live today in a TTIP-free zone.

TTIP/TAFTA : Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. Treaty being negotiated between the European Union and the United States.
CETA  : Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, the trade treaty negotiated between the European Union and Canada.
TiSA : Trade In Services Agreement, a multilateral trade agreement currently negotiated between 23 parties including the European Union

What are the local authorities demands ?

  • Publicise the treaties negotiation text.
  • Since 20 years of North Americain Free Trade Agreement and millions jobs lost, we now know what these agreements do. We want them fully debate.
  • ISDS, ICS and regulatory cooperation are threats for democracy, don’t let them being applied
  • Stop TTIP, CETA and TiSA negotiations.
  • Do not sign CETA text.

What can I do ?
Across Europe millions of people get mobilised to stop TTIP/CETA/TISA negotiation. They signed on the European Initiative against TTIP and CETA, you can add your own signature here. If you want to have more information about the campaign in your country and/or to get involved in your national campaign, just have a look on these websites :