Gwynedd Council

On 4 Dec 2014 the council voted against TTIP! The following motion was proposed and seconded:- "Gwynedd Council is stating its absolute objection to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). The TTIP is a trading agreement between the United States and Europe, which is negotiated behind closed doors and undemocratically. The TTIP is seeking to reduce regulatory barriers for big businesses – things like food safety law and environmental legislation, banking regulations and the powers of individual nations. Services such as the NHS are in danger – the TTIP is a mandate for private companies to take over services. At present, the negotiations still include the NHS. The negotiations are endangering democracy as private companies will be entitled to prosecute governments if those governments’ policies cause profit losses. This is a mandate for large companies to take the reins, as opposed to the democratic, elective system we currently have. We call on the European Union to suspend all negotiations on the TTIP; to publish the negotiating mandate, and to allow an appropriate investigation of the agreement by the European Parliament, National Parliaments and the National Assembly for Wales. We call on the Council Leader to write to our members of parliament in Europe to express our objection urgently.”